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Imperfect People And The Real Gift They Give Us

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Ok, take three.

Imperfect People And The Real Gift They Give Us

The Power of Embracing Imperfect People and Unconditional Love

Hey everybody, it’s not often that I step out of my comfort zone like this. I’m not really one for videos or seeking the spotlight, but something happened recently that profoundly impacted me, that I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.

You see, I took part in an activity within a men’s group I’m a part of, and it truly moved me. It touched me so profoundly that I feel compelled to discuss it openly. Allow me to share with you the essence of this transformative exercise.

Now, I want you to join me in this journey of self-reflection. Take a moment to think about three imperfect individuals in your life. It shouldn’t be too difficult since we all acknowledge our imperfections. We often claim to embrace our flaws, but let’s dive deeper into this concept.

Imperfect People Exercise

Think of those three imperfect people and consider the profound gifts they have given you. We’re not talking about material possessions like salt and pepper shakers but meaningful and impactful gifts that have shaped you somehow.

Now, please bear with me as I gather my thoughts. This part usually gets to me, but I’ll take a breath and continue.

For me, the first person that comes to mind is my father. He was far from perfect, but his constant falls in life taught me an invaluable lesson in resilience. Whenever he stumbled, he showed me the strength to get back up and keep moving forward. His determination and ability to bounce back inspired me never to give up, no matter how often I fall.

Next, my nephew comes to mind. He, too, is imperfect like the rest of us. Yet, we share incredible joy and laughter whenever we spend time together. His sense of humor brightens my life, and I’m genuinely grateful for the gift of laughter he brings. I hope he never loses that special ability to make people smile.

Lastly, I have to mention my kids – they are truly a double blessing. Children, by nature, are imperfect. They are meant to make mistakes, break things, and stumble. As a parent, I’ve realized that their failures and imperfections are essential for their growth. What astounds me about my children is their incredible bravery. They fearlessly take on any challenge I present, even if it makes them insecure or scared. Their courage inspires me every day.


To summarize, these three imperfect individuals have given me three incredible gifts. Now, let’s shift our focus from the apparent takeaways and dig deeper into the essence of this exercise.

What I’m about to share might sound like a mathematical equation, but bear with me. Remember the association property: A = B, B = C, so A = C. Now, suppose I can genuinely love these imperfect people in my life unconditionally. In that case, it stands to reason that as an imperfect person myself, I, too, can be loved unconditionally by others.

Take a moment to contemplate this exercise on your own. Absorb its essence and embrace the concept of self-care. Recognize your worthiness of love and allow yourself to accept it fully. When you start to believe in your value, you’ll begin to see that love is all around you, whether through friendship or other meaningful connections.

Phew! I had to pause and catch my breath there. I also need a haircut but feel good and ready to wrap things up. Remember, even when we feel abandoned or unloved, it’s often not due to a lack of people who care. Instead, we cannot accept the love surrounding us.


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