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The 16 weeks are going to be broken down into 3 Phases. Each week, I’ll be sharing a topic with you based on the sequential chapters of the book, as well as an Action Point for the following week to help you implement what you’ve learned and build upon your successes.

At the end of each Phase, we’ll hold an open Q&A session, where you’ll have the chance to detail successes, challenges, and takeaways from each Section and bounce ideas off of other members of the group. These calls are an extremely powerful way for each member to solidify their healthy habits, share best practices, and flush-out blind spots or self-limiting beliefs.

The way the 16 weeks will be broken down is as follows:

Week 1: Kick-off

Before we jump in, I’m going to help you set your sights on what you most want out of the program, so that I’m better placed to help you achieve those goals.

Phase 1: Assessment

Week 2: Values

Ever felt that your actions felt misaligned with your own personal “code of conduct”? It all stems from your personal values, and here I’ll be helping you better define your authentic self by discovering what matters most to you. 


Week 3: Emotional Needs

If our values help us define WHAT is important to us, our emotional needs help us understand HOW to achieve them. And in creating a world where our emotional needs are fulfilled, we can act with a truer sense of purpose and identity. I’ll show you how to do that in week 3.


Week 4: Identity

Here, I’ll be helping you to better act in alignment with your authentic self in moments of extreme emotion – both positive and negative. I call these “Zone Moments”, and getting a handle on them is one of the most important steps towards feeling happier, more confident, and more content with your sense of self.


Week 5: Purpose

The bad news? I can’t find your purpose for you. The good news? Your purpose – the thing that drives you and your authentic identity – already exists within you, and I’ll be helping you to bring it out in this week.


Week 6: Group Q&A

Struggling with something? At the end of phase 1, we’ll jump on to a Q&A as a group to ask questions, bounce around ideas, and further solidify everything we covered in the first 5 weeks.

Phase 2: Action

Week 7: Decision-Making

After defining what your authentic self might look like, it’s time to turn your intentions into actions. If faulty decision making got you to where you are now, then informed decision-making is what will get you right back out.


Week 8: Self-Care

Rather than use self-care as a crutch to prop up an unhealthy lifestyle, I’ll be showing you how to integrate it into your life in a way that continually gives back to each part of your life – physically, socially, and mentally.


Week 9: Boundaries

Knowing what matters to you most is one thing, but protecting that from the influence of outside forces is another thing entirely. Here, I’ll be helping you to set your boundaries – no matter what they might look like for you – to support the authentic identity that you’re looking to embody.


Week 10: Relationships

The difference between “Fused” and “Differentiated” relationships, and how to create happy relationships with others in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your own values, emotional needs, and boundaries.


Week 11: Group Q&A

Again, we will review the previous weeks work and fill in any gaps and address challenges

Phase 3: Obstacles

Week 12: Beliefs

Here, I’ll be turning the whole idea of “limiting beliefs” on its head, and giving you the tools to overcome those long-standing ideas that are likely holding you back today. And don’t worry – this won’t just be one of those “If you’re stuck, just do what I did.” spiels.


Week 13: Fear & Consequences

Let me tell you something no guru has likely ever told you before: No, the secret to more alignment in your life isn’t to totally abolish fear. And yes, Fear can be a useful, powerful tool in our lives. In Week 13, I’ll be showing you how to use it to your advantage.


Week 14: Emotional Pacifiers

Most addictions, whether to social media, or drugs or alcohol, are typically simply ways of hiding unresolved, unmet needs. Here, I’ll be working with you to identify the ‘Emotional Pacifiers’ in your life, so that you’re able to remove the ones that aren’t in alignment with your authentic self.


Week 15: Guilt, Shame & Regret

Rather than forgetting past mistakes and painting over them, I’ll be showing you how to embrace them as part of your identity, and use them to build towards a more authentic, true sense of self that’s in alignment with where your values are today.


Week 16: Group Q&A

Our final wrap-up to provide feedback, and discuss what to do to sustain your progress and success no matter what the future holds.


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the great thing about working with Charles is that...

...first, I believe and trust that he's authentically invested in my growth and development.  Additionally, he has the real life experience that provides credibility and a valuable perspective to the advice and guidance he imparts.

DANA  //  Chicago, IL

Charles is a mentor and friend...

...that can help you learn about how to identify and live by your personal values and needs in a way that can transform and improve how you feel about yourself and how you relate to others.

MARC  //  Raleigh, NC

Please Note: To Ensure Everyone Who Enrolls Gets Massive Results, I'm Capping Capacity To This Group at 12 People

If You're Interested, Please Don't Miss Out On The Opportunity to Join!


Q: What’s the exact start date?

A: This hasn’t been fixed yet, but we’ll likely be starting in the first or second week of June.

Q: It sounds expensive.

A: It actually works out as a better deal over the 16 weeks than if we were to work 1-on-1 for that same amount of time. Since you're sharing the cost of my time with other group members you're only paying a fraction and still getting the advantage of my dedicated attention. Plus, there’s also a payment plan available of 4 monthly payments of $250 too.

Q: Why are you limiting this group to less than 12 people, is that some marketing B.S.?

A: I’m looking to keep the quality of the experience high by keeping the cohort quite small and intimate. This way, I can properly serve each person within the group in a similar way to how I might work with them on a 1-to-1 basis.

Q: I won’t have time to attend all the sessions, but I’m still interested.

A: Each of the sessions will be recorded, so you’ll be able to go back and access them later. If you were to join, I would highly encourage you to make it to at least the Q&As at the end of each phase, but these will also be recorded so you can watch them back at a later time if needed.

Q: I’m concerned about how confidentiality is going to work within a group setting.

A: Although I’d love to help you open up and provide guidance that I feel would be helpful for you, I won’t be forcing you to share any information that you’re not comfortable sharing. You may find that you simply prefer to sit in on the sessions and follow along, and that’s totally fine too.

Q: I haven’t read the book, but I’m still interested in the program. Will that be a problem?

A: Upon joining, I’ll be sending you a free digital copy of The Pursuit of Identity & Purpose. It’s a pretty short read, and you should be able to get through it in a day or two. You can still benefit from the program even without reading the book, but I’d highly recommend that you do read it beforehand so you can get the most out of the program.

Q: Will this program give me 6-pack abs?

A: Probably not – but who knows?

OK, that's it, that's all I've got, time for you to choose. This is kind of a "HELL YES!", "Uh, nah" kind of situation, but I hope you'll join us and start living the life you deserve so you can be the best version of yourself possible.


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