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This book has been added to my annual self-care reading list. So many years I have read theory about these concepts but not understanding how to apply them to myself. Charles presents these ideas in practical steps to get you started on YOUR path in this world.

ROGER  //  Verified Reader, Client

Absolutely loved this book. It opened my eyes a great deal and really gave me a better understanding of why I did the things I did. It really helped me with dealing with self limiting beliefs. Highly recommend. Can’t say enough good things about it.

AMAZON Customer  //  Verified Reader

A journey through self discovery is preciously what this book is about. The book is well written and organized; Assessment, Action and Obstacles. My Advice is to DO THE EXCERSIZES, be honest with yourself, join the Facebook group and start living the life you want. Fantastic book that I will recommend it to my friends!

ROBERT  //  Verified Reader, Client

A practical and proactive perspective on how to align your true self and the life you are looking for. Charles Browne makes it very easy to understand the importance of defining who you are and embracing your own values. A phenomenal read that delivers the tools to reach higher.
I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to become the best version of themselves.

RUTH  //  Verified Reader

After reading a plethora of personal development paperbacks .. this one absolutely takes the cake! Be prepared to go inside yourself and find what you’ve always been hoping to!

GWEN  //  Verified Reader, Group Member, Client

Being a “nice guy,” talking about my feelings has never been easy. In fact, it was something to avoid at all costs. The less someone knew about my feelings, the safer I was. Or so I thought. In reality, I avoided talking about my feelings since I didn’t truly understand my personal values and emotional needs. I also lacked an adequate vocabulary to use to talk about my feelings and emotional needs. In the 6 months I have been working with Charles as my coach, he has helped me examine in depth what my personal values and emotional needs are and to develop a vocabulary that I can use to talk my values and needs and take positive actions to improve my life. The publication of Charles book has added another tool to my growing toolbox. It covers the same material as our coaching calls but in written form. Reading his book as provided more depth and texture to many of the concepts and it’s a handy reference when I need to refresh my understanding of something we talked about in the past. If you are a “nice guy”, or think you maybe, I highly recommend this book. It can be a first step on a journey of self-understanding and building a life you love.

RICH  //  Verified Reader, Group Member, Client

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