Imperfect People And The Real Gift They Give Us


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Ok, take three.

Hey everybody, um you know I don’t do this very often,

Videos aren’t necessarily my thing, I’m not real big on the spotlight but um,

I recently participated in an activity in a men’s group that I’m in and um it had a very profound effect on me.

So much so that I felt I just I have to share this.

So um the activity is this

What I want you to do, and you really need to do this for yourself, is I want you to think of three imperfect people in your life.

Shouldn’t be too hard to do, pretty much everyone of us, obviously, we accept that we’re imperfect.

We say that on the surface but here’s the, here’s the go to part,

So I want you to think of those three imperfect people and I want you to write down a gift that each of them has given you.

And I’m not talking about salt and pepper shakers, I’m talking about a real profound gift

So, ok, this is the part where I usually lose it so I’m gonna take a breath here.

So three people that came to mind for me, um first and foremost my father, um pretty imperfect dude, pretty imperfect dude.

He fell a lot but in falling he taught me resilience because he kept getting back up, right, so he taught me that, just keep getting back up.

If you fall down it’s ok, you do your best to get back up and not fall again.

Ok, um, the second my nephew, another imperfect dude, makes plenty of mistakes just like the rest of us.

But, when I’m with him, um, we have so much fun that guy can make me laugh more than anybody else I know in my life and um I am very very grateful for that, I hope he never loses that sense of humor

And um my third example is kinda a twofer, and it’s it’s my kids of course right ever things always traced back to my kids.

Um children are by definition imperfect they’re they’re supposed to be, they’re supposed to be figuring stuff out,

They’re supposed to be breaking things they’re supposed to be falling down,

But as parents we we don’t really worry about those failures to much until what middle school maybe

Uh, anyways they are insanely brave every task that I put forth to my kids they accept it and they go after it and they try and um they get a little insecure, a little scared but they’re insanely brave.

So, ok, just real high level real quick, trying to keep my shit together here, um those are three imperfect people in my life that gave me three amazing gifts.

And here’s the, here’s the bit, so that part is pretty straight forward, ok great that’s that’s wonderful that’s that’s not the shift, that’s not the take away I want you to get.

This next bit tho um hopefully, I’m gonna, I’m gonna throw some Sunday math at you, you might be familiar with the association property A=B and B=C, then A=C.

Well if those imperfect people can, If I can love them unconditionally then I is an imperfect person can be love unconditionally by others so do that exercise by yourself, take it away, and uh enjoy your self care Sunday, thanks

Ok, the punch line being that um when we feel abandoned and alone or unloved it’s typically very rarely is it a function of there not being enough people around to love us, or not, there aren’t people around who are willing to love us, It’s typically our inability to accept it

So go through this exercise, start down that, start convincing yourself, start that self talk that tells you that uh you are absolutely worthy of love, and when you start to feel that and you start to believe that you’ll see that it’s uh it’s all around you, um, even just friendship even just accepting that friendship.

So ok I had to take a couple breaths and I really need a haircut but, I’m good to go, thanks.

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