Values Based Relationships

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Course Structure

10 Lessons

Values-Based Relationships

This course is designed to help individuals and couples develop the skills and understanding necessary to build and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships based on personal values.

0. Introduction

Course Overview Understanding the importance of values-based relationships

1. Understanding Values-Based Relationships

Understanding what values are Identifying your personal values Recognizing how your values affect your relationships How to communicate your values to others

2. Identifying Your Values

The first step in creating healthy, values-based relationships is understanding what motivates you and what needs you're hoping to fulfill.

3. Communication and Listening Skills

Active Listening Effective Communication Skills Resolving Conflicts Respectfully

4. Building Trust and Intimacy

Understanding Trust and Intimacy Creating a Safe and Secure Space Vulnerability and Emotional Intimacy

5. Mutual Respect and Empathy

Understanding Empathy The Importance of Mutual Respect How to Develop Empathy Skills

6. Boundaries and Expectations

Understanding Personal Boundaries Setting Boundaries Communicating Expectations

7. Cultural Differences and Diversity

Understanding Cultural Differences Respect for Diversity Avoiding Stereotypes

8. Maintaining Healthy Relationships

The Importance of Self-Care Recognizing Warning Signs Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships

9. Conclusion

Recap of the course Goals for applying what you learned in your life Additional resources and support