Values Based Leadership

10 Lessons

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Course Structure

Introduction to Values-Based Leadership

What is values-based leadership? Why is it important? Key principles and values

Integrity in Leadership

The role of integrity in leadership Examples of leaders with strong and weak integrity Strategies for building and maintaining integrity

Empathy and Compassion

The importance of empathy and compassion in leadership Barriers to compassion in the workplace Techniques for cultivating compassion


The role of purpose in leadership Finding and articulating your purpose as a leader Aligning purpose with organizational goals


Effective communication as a key leadership skill Active listening Delivering feedback


The importance of ethical decision-making in leadership Decision-making frameworks Balancing competing values in decision-making


Building and managing high-performing teams Strategies for creating a positive team culture Handling conflict and difficult team members

Organizational Culture

The impact of leadership on organizational culture Creating and maintaining a values-based culture Measuring and assessing organizational culture

Leading Change

Leading change with a values-based approach Overcoming resistance to change Communicating change effectively

Personal Leadership Development

Developing your own leadership skills and style Setting goals and creating an action plan Reflection and self-assessment